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August 31st
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this is a ‘new pictures arrived ten whole days after the shoot but I ain’t even mad’ post

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I was remiss in not including sex related posts in the last set so this happened

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Rumple 100000% done with everyone’s shit

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special thanks to say-when-swan and goinghome-totallahassee <3 <3

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two goofballs on the set of OUAT (x)

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Ugh, look at them!

What an incredible mix of Bobby/Em BTS and Rumbelle preview …..I’m dying

The 5th and 6th ones are so gorgeous, sigh… my babies! They look so happy……. We’re getting smaller, but important, scenes - yes!!!

The last 4, OMG - Em’s face, and the way they STILL hold onto each other. God, their arm and arm thing is ridiculous, lol

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David Tennant ✥ Shakespeare Uncovered III
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rumbelle meme | five quotes [3/5]
↳ “I hurt his heart. Belle’s just where he keeps it.”
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When you get this, give 5 facts about yourself then pass it on to 10 of your favourite blogs.

Thanks for tagging me Shauna!

1. After having just studied abroad/lived in England for almost half a year, and traveling all around the UK and Europe, I really want to move to Scotland and attend the University of Glasgow for postgrad history study. I’m having a massive debate with myself right now, because I love the US and where I live, but my heart is also in Yorkshire/Scotland.

2. I sing classically mostly and in Chamber ensembles, but I was in a rock band for a short period in high school, too, and have been to over 50 rock concerts.

3. My favorite season is autumn. I love the feel of the crisp air, the colors, the thoughts and ideas surrounding it.

4. I like to think/people think I’m cool because I surf, swim, travel, and all that good stuff, but mostly I am a total dork! It balances itself out ;) I’m a total nerd when it comes to history and learning in general.

5. I’m currently struggling to redefine how I view people, relationships, dating, love, etc., and am having a hard time with “am I self sabotaging? or do I just know what I want? But then are my standards unrealistic or am I waiting for something unrealistic, too?” I’ve been trying the past year especially to sort it out, but I just have absolutely no idea, and that kills me.

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Robert and Emilie being cute together [x]

August 30th
11:49 PM
"You’ll find out a little bit more, but I only want you to find out bits that sound exciting. I mean, we’re never going to flashback to the Time War on television. It could never live up to what you’ve imagined. It’s so much more alive by being imprecise. I don’t know, someone might make a film one day… but actually, if you’re doing a film, you’d have a new Time War. You’ve just got to keep moving forwards. It’s a nice mythology. It’s got that Harry Potter-ness about it. What happened to Lily and James Potter? I hope to God she doesn’t bring them back to life in the last book! I don’t think she will—she loves a good death, and you’ve got to make it permanent—cos it would just betray everything."
—  Russell T. Davies on whether we’d ever find out exactly what happened in the Time War | DWM Issue 374 (via rointheta)